Are there foods you really hate?

February 26, 2010

As a self-described omnivore it’s hard to admit that there are foods I really just hate.

I hate:

  • Grapefruit– Seriously, why would you want to eat something that tastes like bile? Not even with honey on top. No. Never. No.
  • Stevia– I really hate all artificial sweeteners, but Stevia is especially offensive to my palate. Also, bougie skinny idiot moms really like it, therefore, I hate it.
  • Black Licorice – No thanks, grandpa.
  • Gin- No thanks, grandpa.
  • Beef Liver- I’ll eat chicken liver pate all day, but beef liver tastes like blood in an iron cask. I just can’t do it.

Foods/Drinks I used to hate that I made myself like:

  • Olives- The oily olive tapenade at the cozy and affordable Max really helped me on my journey to almost liking olives. (Also blue cheese stuffed olives in a martini.)
  • Bloody Mary’s– Once while boating I was offered one of these boozy tomato-laden drinks and I accepted, after all, we were all adults on a boat mid-morning. I was unaware that it was made with CLAMATO! PUKE! PORTMANTEAU! Keep your shellfish out of my booze, mister. A GREAT Bloody Mary with pepper vodka (with some good vodka, 8 or so chilis, a freezer, and one week you can have your very own)  and some veg. juice leagues better than V8 changed my mind recently.
  • Coconut Water- I had to really work the first few down, but the hangover healing, hyrdration powers of this desert island drink are worth that sort of off taste.

What about you?


2 Responses to “Are there foods you really hate?”

  1. oh god. i hate me some peas! seriously. i think my parents near ruined me by feeding tiny liz too many canned, sad veggies. the peas were the worst; mushy and bitter. unless they are dried and rolled in wasabi.

    oh! and who could forget eggs! i don’t even think of them as a food, i hate them so. i hate every way that they interact with my senses.. there is nothing good about an egg.

    on the other hand, i have learned to love kombucha. i refer to it as our “healthcare plan” at work. i’ve gotta get me a kom-mom and start the process myself.

  2. Nora said

    You, sir, are wrong!
    Grapefruit is so delish and refreshing. And Olives taste like the worst. The only thing worse is a pickle, good sir.

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