On Why I am Obsessed with Guerilla Gardening.

June 4, 2010


When I was in highschool, I was way into throwing things out of car windows. Can you believe I was a straight-up litter bug? My friend JP had this tiny red  American-made convertible that sounded like it just had a bunch of tin cans filled with hamsters for an engine. We spent many a hot summer night throwing half-drank slurpees out the top at cars and street signs.

Throwing stuff out of car windows is part and parcel of the exploitation of the rite-of-passage freedom that driving provides us young Americans.

Linklater acknowledges it, so it must be culturally significant.

I guess that’s why the idea of guerilla gardening and flower bombs are so appealing to me; they combine my desire to grow things with my desire to throw shit out windows! Rebellious! I should start doing it on bike rides.

Here’s a DIY Flower Bomb Guide, including Seed Pills which are kind of awesome looking in a MoMA-store-irony-designy way.

You can buy the baller ones pictured above, but they are pricey, and they kind of still count as littering with all thay clay shrapnel.

These are cheap, and they look like truffles. I also love the font on their packaging.


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