On Breaking Fast

June 16, 2010

I have never really liked breakfast.

Brunch on the other hand, I am into. I crave Spicy Bloody Marys from The Brick Wall, the Croque Monsiour with the tiny mustardy salad from Flea Market Cafe, the Huevos Rancheros from Kate’s Joint, and yes, even the toast from Pepe Rosso. (The wife has a good comprehensive brunch post, too.)

I realized this morning that I don’t like typical breakfast food because i’m not really down with sweets. I have fought and won and fought and lost the cold pizza breakfast reflex numerous times. You will never catch me ordering pancakes or french toast when I could have a light fluffy omelette.

Think about it, typical, on-the-go breakfasts are sweet. Cereal is sweet, sundry breakfast baked goods are super-sweet, yogurt, granola, and smoothies can be sweet. I really prefer savory foods. Like eggs. Sweet Lord do I love eggs. Eggs are totes my power food, they fill me up, make me feel awesome. I like nothing better than perfectly fried runny golden yolk farm eggs, and scrambles heaped with greens and tomatoes. But I don’t have the time or will to make myself eggs at 7 a.m. I’m never even hungry at 7 a.m!

So for a long time, I just skipped breakfast, and then ate a big lunch because lunch food is my favorite. (I am a MASTER sandwich builder.) But lately, as I am becoming more active, I am finding that morning hunger creep up around 9:30 a.m, and I am revenous by 10. So I need food that works for me at work.

I also find that breakfast food can get kind of monotonous, so I am trying to stock the fridge and pantry at the office with goods I can permutate into lots of nosh options.

Here’s what i’ve been eating:

  • Oatmeal: with almond butter, a little maple syrup, and a sprinkle of salt (that’s right!), with soy milk and blueberries, with yogurt and strawberries
  • Whole Wheat English Muffins: with neufchatel and tomatoes, with super crunchy peanut butter, with hard boiled eggs and mustard
  • Plain Yogurt: in endless smoothie combos. I’m really into peaches, honey, ginger, and spinach right now.

(Mark Bittman is really into savory breakfasts too, but I already get teased for quinoa and homemade granola, so you can imagine what would happen if I busted out a bowl of congee for breakfast.)

What are you kids eating for breakfast that is delicious and portable?


3 Responses to “On Breaking Fast”

  1. royalnonesuch said

    Dude. That congee might be just what I need for morning food. I can’t do the sweet bready, pastry things anymore and I’ve always nurtured an intense hatred of everything about eggs, from taste to smell to texture and beyond. So, breakfast and brunch dates are pretty much nothing special for me. Once every couple of weeks, I stop by the local coffee place and get a toasted bagel with cream cheese and avocado on it. Pretty tops!

    As to my own creations, I make a variety of toasts. Sometimes with the aforementioned cheese and avo duo, lately with nutella and raspberry spread or raspberry spread and ultra good brie from Trad. Joe’s. I’m also digging on yogurt with whole flax seeds mixed in. I just started a cheese CSA and every week I have a new pint of plain, whole milk yogurt to work with. Today I rocked it with a little tiny bit of nutella and some dry cereal mixed in. Not bad. I think I might just start marrying the whole pint with some fresh berries and see how that goes. The garden at the end of the street is bursting with raspberries ripe for the stealing.

  2. Steph said

    wondrous! i say go for the congee…

    As for my breakfast, when Im in a pinch I always go for my fav, being either 1. TJ’s crunchy SALTED peanut butter wth sliced bananas, raisins, and cinnamon on a Lundberg Honey rice cake. And ps if you are thinking quaker youve never lived… 2. Fresh Fruit with nuts and/or plain yogurt (nancys brand is my fav)

    Although lately Ive been realizing that I am aldult and can eat anything I want in the morning hours. This was quite a larger ‘ah ha’ moment than it should have been… but even if im not hungry I just swipe whatever looks good in the fridge and plop it into a container if im on the go. This could range from last nights fajitas to a hard boiled egg and a cookie. I try to take it easy on the amount in the morning because I feel like it sets my tone for the day. Ok… happy breakfast! Miss youuuu. great post. campers havent arrived yet but the counselors are 5. oy

    food is ballin though. fried calamari with stir fried veg last night and bananas fosters for dessert… SAT WHAT


  3. mich said

    you can make scrambled eggs the night before and put ’em in the fridge for the next day!

    also, i’ve been loving steel cut oats. they take a long time to cook but you can make a large batch and put indiv. portions in the fridge, or even in the freezer, to heat up when you’re hungry in the a.m. i add any or all of the below: chopped/minced almonds, walnuts, and peeled apple and/or banana; roasted flax seed; some salt, and honey.

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