I miss you.

June 29, 2010

Hey kids.

I have so many recipes (kale no-noodle lasagna and collard green pork and tofu wontons coming up!) and garden photos (I want to kiss every single little green beaner coming off the vine!) to share with you.

But I lost my photo-upload cord in the great room re-arrange of 2010. (I am committed to ordering a new one today.)

In the meantime, here is the first installment of people I like  doing online/real life projects I like. (I am a lucky gal to have such good looking AND talented friends.) Here they are in no particular order:

  • Center For Health and Healing – This is where I have been practicing yoga. I work here a few hours a week in exchange for half price yoga which is SO BALLER. Dawn Keen, the owner is really amazing. The center is so accepting of all levels of practice, of all body types, and of all ages. Their inclusivity, BEACH YOGA CLASSES! and Dawn’s genuine warmness makes this place my favorite place to practice.
  • I have lots of artsy friends, but I think of all of them, Ms. E Elizabeth‘s (as she is known to the internets) work most accurately reflects her personality (which is witty and epicly irreverent). I am obsessed with her embroidery, lockets, duck fluff hair, love for Providence, and the way she challenges the neo-crafty-homspun-repurposed- status quo. You should buy her stuff.
  • Water, Water Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink is long-time pal Casey Butler’s blog for all things surf-related. She is dedicated to the East-Coast-Hardcore-cold water-infrequent swell cause, even while currently living/repping on the left coast at Surfer magazine.
  • Mish Mosh New York is my favorite red head and dish partner, Nora Wolf’s continual like-letter to New York. She has a great eye for design, dinosaurs, and vegetarian food.
  • I wish Le Brunch Club, the blog of the wife, was updated more frequently. It makes me want to bake (I know, right.)
  • I like Ben Nardolilli because he packs a mustache/polyester 1-2 punch.  I like his blog because he links me up with all his latest work, but also because it inadvertently documents the trajectory of an up and coming writer.
  • It is widely known that Matt Katz has my favorite speech patterns of any human being. It is less widely known that I like jamming out his song of the day on his blog Everyday Another Song.

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