Sweet Corn Vichyssoise

July 26, 2010

On this week’s “re-run” compilation of Prairie Home Companion (worth a listen if not only for the Wilco set) Garrison Keillor was explaining  how dry hot heat, like we’ve been experiencing this summer,  makes all the sweet corn jump up at once, no matter how you spaced the planting in the Spring. It was an excellent metaphor for the ways in which planners like myself are surprised when life happens outside of schedule.

I was recently presented with the incredibly fun challenge of cooking lots of tasty vegan food, on the occasion that the bestie (from a long line of serious plan-addicts, btdubs) was coming in from Brazil for a weekend with for Ms. Nora Wolf (who’s lovely new beau happens to be vegan).

I wanted to make lots of cool food, as it was hot-as-blazes!My local sweet corn has been off-the-hoooook! And this soup was definitely the star of my menu (which also included mango slaw with baller avocado dressing (I KNOW. Recipe to come, too.) and vegan black bean coconut brownies). The heat drove us out onto the park’s lawn, carrying dishes, uncovered. The mint juleps drove us to acrobatic feats, and freestyle. I could not have planned a better dinner party – setting, company, food- if i tried.

You should make some of this soup, seriously. It was sweet, and cool, simple, and refined. The drizzle of chili oil really added to the complexity.We had it cool, but it would be nice warm too! It’s not a total classic Vichyssoise, but it’s close. Check it!

Sweet Corn Vichyssoise

6 ears of good sweet white corn

1 medium zucchini

3 stalks celery

3 cloves garlic

1 Vidalia onion

4 medium potatoes (omg i got the most amazing redgolds at the farmer’s market, but i peeled them so the soup would have a prettier, silkier, homogeneous look)

A quart of vegetable broth

Some Vegan (or not) sour cream

Fresh Basil

Chili oil (steep some dried chilis in olive oil on low heat for an hour!)

Get that corn offa that cob. Give everything else a good small chop, and sautee it together. Let everything sweat, no color on those onions!

Add your veggie broth, and simmer for a half an hour.

Puree in batches, adding fresh basil and sour cream.

I processed mine pretty small, and could have sieved it, but everyone was kind of into the little bit of toothiness the little corn bits created. Pop it in the fridge for an hour or two, and get busy!


One Response to “Sweet Corn Vichyssoise”

  1. Nora said

    SO LOVED THE SOUP. Probs my fav.

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