August 10, 2010

In ten days, I will have pickles. Ten days is a long time.

Are you aware that my love for pickles is veritably Snooki-esque?

All this pickle-waiting is heart-wrenching. I am not patient. This really manifested itself in first photography class; I was a horror in the dark-room. So much guessing and testing, so much tinkering and waiting.  But this waiting doesn’t feel so bad, we have ten days left to wait together, and then I can share my recipe with you (if it works). I only made 2 experimental jars as not to waste precious garden cukes.

By the way! I was initially kind of worried about the littleness of my garden, but i’ve been finding that it’s the perfect amount of food for our family, with a few neighborly give-aways. It’s been really effortless to manage,  I don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of produce. As I see the tomatoes lining the window sill, zucchini stretched across the counter, I know there are plenty of Ball Jars in the pantry for summer sauce. 

To tide you over before pickle time, I think that you should make these for your salad. These are instant gratification!

It’s literally just a can of chickpeas with curry and salt. But they are so good I don’t want to eat anything else.

Drain, rinse, and dry a can of chickpeas. Toss with olive oil. Roast at 400 for 25 minutes until crispy. Toss with sea salt and curry powder.  Get crazy. 

Le Cat Dog will come over and keep your feet warm while he awaits snacks.


5 Responses to “Pickles?”

  1. Amanda said

    Megan, you inspired me! I did this last night….But I don’t think I roasted them long enough cause they were still kinda chewy in the center. Are they supposed to be super hard? Anyway, I had them on top of my rice, collards, and caramelized onions for lunch today and it ROCKED my world! Thanks!

  2. meganwmoore said

    I like them crunchy on the inside, with a little chew left inside.

    They are best hot right out of the oven when they are super crisp- but they are still good the next day, I found!

  3. These are my favorite bread and butter pickles. They are what grandma would have made: http://michaelbeyer.wordpress.com/2010/08/17/your-classic-bread-and-butter-pickles-2/

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