On Where I’ve Been

September 14, 2010

1. I am in my second week of grad school. (jesus!) The commute is kind of life-sucking, and is likely turning me into a hermit. But i’m overall really pleased with the Graduate Food Studies Program at NYU. What impresses me most about the program thus far, even more than the expertise (and status) of the professors is how amazingly diverse my classmates’ history and trajectory are. I  take classes with food flavor chemists, wine distributors, farmers, economists, trained chefs, and food activists.

2. Things I missed about New York:  baller ethnic food whenever I want it. I walked down to the edge of Chinatown for this brilliant Bánh mì from Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich in the sunshine today. (I still can’t tell if it’s better than Nicky’s.) I was thinking today about how I am most likely to compromise my “standards” for meat and dairy when it comes to “authentic” food. Somehow, I allow myself to block out thoughts about origin of pork when I am eating the world’s most amazing pulled pork sandwich from Piney’s Pit because I am thinking about the kitchen origin, the intensive smoking practice, the time and the, dare I say, sweet pig lovin’ they put on that roll.  Caring about sourcing, and caring about preparation are not mutually exclusive, and conversely they go hand in hand all the time. Yet today, when greeted with this killer authentic sandwich for $4.50, I did it, pork and all. This deserves more thought. I really need to work out my meat issues. Do you guys eat meat? How often? What kind? If you have guidelines you eat by, how strict are you about following them?

3. Speaking of meat, I have started doing some consulting work for a really awesome pasture fed operation called 7th Heaven Farm. Carla Growney, the proprietor is an awesome woman, and her beef is awesome, too. She invited me in for dinner with her family (and even though I said Amen at the wrong time 3 separate times during Grace) we outlined some marketing, financial, and ordering systems that I’ll be working on for her. I even got to meet (meat ahhhh) her goats (above! They were kind of chubby and I loved them). She should have grass fed pork and lamb on the horizon too. You should shoot her a line if you’re in the NJ area and you want the good meat hook-up. Also, if you’re down with supporting good small local farms and you are a design wizard, shoot me a line . In the next few months i’m hoping to lots more work like this with local growers.

4. My little swiss charders are delicious.

5. Soap Box Time: FUCK THIS BULLSHIT HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP RE-BRANDING AS “CORN SUGAR”! Honestly, the FDA better put the kay-bosh on this ASAP. Regardless of the (psuedo)-science that declares that nutritionally high fructose corn syrup is the same as sugar or even honey, how can we allow big agriculture to distort the language they use to target consumers so gravely? (I AM LOOKING AT YOU TOO VITAMIN WATER!) I HAVE SEEN LOCAL HONEY CURE SEASONAL ALLERGIES. When I was working on the farm, local honey was just about the only thing to assuage my intense ragweed allergies. How do we put this dangerously produced byproduct on the same linguistic plane as a centuries old medicinal delicious sweetener? It’s more than semantics, isn’t it? It seems so blatantly deceptive to me. EAT THIS POOR PEOPLE, IT’S JUST THE SAME AS WHAT RICH PEOPLE EAT! TOTES!


3 Responses to “On Where I’ve Been”

  1. Hi there! I read your blog because I like food (and love good food) and because I’m interested in knowing from where do all the people who can cook and are invested in better food, come.
    So, to answer your question: I eat meat because it’s awesome and wonderful! However, I don’t eat it very often. I rarely eat beef more than once per week but I do enjoy the wonderful fishes of the Gulf of Mexico several times weekly.

  2. heyy im new to your blog! i don’t eat meat but i remember viet sandwiches were really good. i love their veggies in it. sort like sweet and a bit of sour… there is a vegan/vegetarian viet restaurant in the city!

  3. […] We agree that Saigon has the best Banh Mi in […]

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