Fatty Kat

November 9, 2010

Fatty Kat is Kat Lau, a classmate of mine. (We taste wine together every week.)

Fatty Kat is down with southern food.


I like her for the following reasons:

1. Today in class she asked me if I was 21.

2. She is friendly in a refreshing way.

3. Her restaurant wish list is pretty much the same as mine.

4. We agree that Saigon has the best Banh Mi in NYC.

5. She is up on the NY resto scene in a way that I’m not.

6. She likes eating at the bar.

6. She has a love/hate relationship with cupcakes.

Check her out.


2 Responses to “Fatty Kat”

  1. Fatty Kat said

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Look for a similar shout out in my next post.

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