On Thanksgiving, Excess, and Energy

November 30, 2010

So… i’ve been busy.

You prolly have been missing me. I’m one of those people who is convinced that verbal, and I suppose compoundedly so, written, iterations of my busy-ness and/or stress level only make both worse. You know people like this, right? The manic ones who are always yelling about how busy they are, but you don’t know exactly what they do? Right.

So anyway, let’s talk turkey, shall we?

These are the turkeys I was supposed to help process for the Thanksgiving dinner of myself, and a few other families. Due to a lack of hands and planning, it was nearly dark by the time I got the first 5 chickens done. (I don’t think these guys would have fit in the makeshift scalder, anyway.) So, I didn’t get a self-slaughtered, organic, heritage turkey for my table, which was lame. (Even lamer: buying a $62 dollar Whole Foods turkey.) What was awesome though was doing the processing pretty much on my own. It was really empowering. It was also crazy because I was showing some grown-up men farmers how to do it. I’ve processed plenty of chickens before, but never as the boss of the procedure.  It made me feel legit, and it made me miss actual farm work.

Oh guess what!? I also drank too much! I bet you never would have guessed! There are few things I like better than drinking and dancing with my family. After cooking most of the day Wednesday, (I don’t eat when I cook. Do you? I just cant seem to do it.), I drank. A lot. Including Absinthe. On Thanksgiving, I ate probably half a wheel of Brie and drank 5 or 6 mimosas. (I did not eat any Turkey.) It was really crazy and busy doing all of the Thanksgiving cooking, but in the end, it was amazing. Everything was perfect. BOTH PAN GRAVIES WORKED (lemon and thyme for the turkey and red wine rosemary for the brisket)! Crowing achievement: homemade cream puffs.

I filled these babies with chai infused custards.  BOOOOOOYAAAAAH!

You know I have a hard time baking. These really made me proud. I think it’s because this year, for maybe the first time in my life, I was patient. (I also used an awesome old version of The Joy of Cooking.) So anyway, dinner was great. Everyone was appreciative and happy. I was happy. I am thankful for the following: my new found morning-person-ness, WeFUNK radio, EZ-Pass, my ever-supportive family, Knobb Creek, and melatonin.

But then I was really tired. (Also you may have noticed a necessary increase in my legging-as-pants wearing.) The compounding of school, work, cooking, and commuting has been getting to me. And, i’ve been making lots of choices that are not helping me be as energized as I need to be.  So I decided that maybe I needed a little energizing re-boot.

My plan has been similar to that of my pal, and once CSA member Amanda over at Cake and Carrots (who will shortly have a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics). I am aiming on abstaining from the following for the next 5 days: sugar, booze, white flour, and meat. (Note: I tried giving up coffee and I almost died/killed someone. This is evidence that I need to lower my intake. I only had  1 1/2 smalllllll cups today. You win, Matt.)

I’m getting back in the gym on my couch to 5k program (even though this means getting there at 5:45 a.m.) I’m drinking lots of water and Detox Tea. I’m eating lots of raw vegetables. (Baller smoothie: red kale, blueberries, kefir, touch of honey.) I’m trying to actually sleep enough.  Really, i’m just trying to be good to myself. (Please note that this weekend I will certainly have a glass or 5 of wine.
What do you do when you’re feeling beat down?


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