On Christmas Prep.

December 15, 2010

Finals and stress are Christmas Spirit killers. I am a little out of Holiday sorts.

Last night I decorated the tree while eating Lisa’s Shepherd’s Pie and drinking leftover Alta Gracia Coffee Porter. This helped.

Tonight is one of my favorite Christmas Preparation events, cookie decorating/baking with the fam. We make sugar cookies that no one likes topped with icing no one likes in an effort to out decorate one another. Nobody decks a Christmas tree cookie out like me, and no one will ever beat my Vietnam Vet one legged gingerbread men.

EDIT: Check this year’s Christmas Dino:

For actual consumption, we make massive amounts of 3-color cookies. Did you know that I am OBSESSED with these cookies? I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but these moist, almondy, chocolatey colorful babies do the trick. I love zem. In a time before the purchase of my 1970’s kitchen-aid mixer off of craigslist in a trailer park (truth) we had to figure out a way to mix the tens of dozens of cookie’s worth of thick ass batter. (Many hand mixers were killed during this process, the smell of burnt wiring filling the kitchen.)

Solution: We bought a brand new bucket, and a brand new paint stirring attachment for a power drill.

Drill, Baby, Drill

It worked like a charm, and my annual almond-paste induced stomach ache grew 3 sizes that day. I am excited to get in the kitchen today.

Ok, so I like making food-type gifts for Christmas. This has worked out really well in the past, but I can’t decide what to make. What would you want?


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