On Food + Rock

February 14, 2011

Zack Brooks is the creator of the ever-helpful Midtown Lunch, which has been a real Godsend to me working in the ultimately unsnack-friendly Garment District. He was also my CSA member back in the day, and made me some pretty baller kimchi, which I am eternally grateful for! His newest endeavor Food Is The New Rock is sooooo up my alley. The website compiles all things foodrock related, from exposing Bobby Flay’s Niki Minaj Obsession to hating on the food at the otherwise perfect Sasquatch Festival. (Music festival food is so bad! Except for Mozzarepas! MOZZAREPAS ARE  CHEESEGOOD.)

His tagline is simply, “I used to obsess about music, now I obsess about food. And, clearly, I’m not the only one.” Don’t you feel like this? What is it about liking music and liking food? There are elements of the outlaw in both – the late hours and rockstar egos of the restaurant chef. I used to spend hours making the perfect danceparty playlist, and now I find myself doing the same for dinner parties. Maybe it’s just an intrinsic good taste is good taste deal, which would explain my food/book/music snobbery trifecta?

ANYWAY! In solidarity with Zach, i’ve crafted a list of some of my favorite songs about food.

1. Old Crow Medicine Show – Down Home Girl

I think that maybe the opening lines are the sexiest thing I have ever heard,

“Well I swear your perfume, baby, is made out of turnip greens
Every time I kiss you girl, it tastes like pork and beans”

2. The Kinks – Hot Potatoes


3.  The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players – Eggs

You know what? This is the nerdiest fucking choice, but I love eggs, and until I die I will love this band.

You wanna talk foodie/music obsession? I used to creep Jason Trachtenburg when we worked at the 4th Street Food Coop together soooooo hard.

4. Cibbo Matto – Know Your Chicken

The original song about know where your food comes from. Just kidding. I miss Grand Royal Records every day.

5. Beck – Pretty Much All Of Midnight Vultures

6. Modest Mouse – All Night Diner

I am from New Jersey. My formative years were spent in the grossest dinner ever, to be abandoned only upon receipt of my first fake ID.

7. Peggy Lee – Black Coffee

I know everyone has done this song. But hers is the best. Hands down.

8. A Tribe Called Quest – Ham N’ Eggs

Basically how I feel about me being a vegetarian, “Strictly collard greens…and a occasional steak.”


Leave yours in the comments, kids.




2 Responses to “On Food + Rock”

  1. cait said

    i wrote a really half-assed blog post about food music when i was in school! YEAH!

  2. Noel said

    Superb post, I absolutely await fresh news from you.

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