On Sunday Suppers

February 22, 2011

This food blog has seen a real dearth of food posts lately, aye?!

The irony is, i’ve been cooking like a mofo!

I’ve settled into a new space in a lovely (if not bougie) commuter town, into my favorite old Victorian house, with perfect linens and squeeky stairs, with an Aunt who appreciates my cooking and corollary mess-making, loves dinner parties, and sets a table like no one else.


I cooked an especially big peasant food meal this Sunday to celebrate the birth of my dad and my Gigi.

So it was their favorites that I made.

For HCGM (that’s Hardcore Greg Moore), there was his favorite liverwurst from Loreley followed by my specialed-up Shepherd’s Pie, and chocolate + chocolate cake for dessert. I braised a brisket in red wine, stock, and rosemary for the shepherd’s pie instead of using the go-to ground beef.





I used this chocolate cake recipe, which was totally rich and brilliant. You’ll notice that there are no after-photos because it was a total aesthetic disaster, stemming from not-greased-enough pans. It was not pretty, but it was delicious.

For the Gigi, there was chicken pot pie with sage and white wine, and key lime cheesecake for dessert.




And for me? Key Lime Gin Martinis.

+ 2 jiggers Hendricks Gin

+ splash of dry vermouth

(that you found in the back of the cupboard that may or may not be from the 70’s)

+ juice of two perfect little angel key limes

Shake with good ice.

Look good doing it!


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