On Dressing

February 24, 2011

I have kind of a love/hate fashion relationship. I love good design, I hate spending money I could be spending on snacks on the less-than-baller plus size clothing that is immediately available to me. I read fashion blogs. Lots of them. I love shopping. Especially shopping punctuated with brunch and/or snacking.

I never talk about clothes and style because something deep down inside tells me it’s vapid. I do however G-Chat dresses that I love to my super stylish lady friend Ms. Nora Wolf. She suggested that I blog about food and clothes. I don’t know how often that will actually happen.

BUT I just really felt the need to tell you that I need to traipse around your  cabana in this. I will do endless Joan Crawford impressions. Also there will be a lot of dramatic talking with my hands and martini holding to accentuate those sleeeeeeves. My lord the sleeves.

Gucci, Fall 2010



5 Responses to “On Dressing”

  1. nora said

    YAY! I can totally see you wearing that- but only if you get the lipstick JUST right.

  2. With Care said

    OMG. Think of all the giant rings that you could wear when you have that get up on! Think of all the cabana boys that will be servicing you as you lounge poolside!

    As someone who also reads fashion blogs, I know the dual feelings of “I want to post a picture of my great outfit and talk about clothes like they matter” versus “It’s not THAT kind of blog, you know. Aren’t you a little, like, better than that?”

    However, while I’m on this train, can we talk plus-sized fashion blogs for a mo? Because I read them, sometimes. And a lot of them aren’t really my jam, stylistically (which is where the “sometimes” comes in.) I appreciate that these ladies have a niche that they are able to work although you don’t have to tell me twice that “fat” and “fashion” are not mutually exclusive. However, all those things aside, I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet over the idea of “fatshion”… something about it reeks of “separate but equal” in a really bad way. Maybe it’s the hippie in me dying to all just get along but, can’t we allow something to look good without adding a modifier to it?

    My girl Maire, of one of my favorite blogs, http://www.agentlover.com wrote a comment that sums things up nicely:


    Anyhow, point two in this arena is that when I see fashion bloggers who aren’t skinny but don’t immediately hop on the “plus sized blogger” wagon, I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe drop. Like, “Hey guys, I love this new skirt from Topshop also, I’M TOTALLY FAT.”

    To tie up my explosion of your comments section, sometimes, when it comes to radical, social actions, liking pretty dresses can be enough.

    • I’m picking up what you’re putting down, Liz. The thing about “fatshion” is that is is separate and UNEQUAL because it is absolutely more difficult to find clothes that are baller, or even made of natural fibers if you are above a size 14. That is a fact. So I think a lot of plus-size bloggers use that as a badge. Like, “I worked around the system and I still look fly”, which I kind of get.

      Maire is a total babe, and I love her blog. Thanks for the heads up! I agree with her that it’s unfair to be labeled a certain way without our own consent, but I guess I don’t understand why she is so averse to it.

      Thank goodness liking pretty dresses can be enough.

      I need to post my brilliant Diane Keaton menswear inspired Saturday night outfit.

      • With Care said

        post that shit, girl.

        I totally feel you on the availability issue. It’s a bum market if you don’t want to look like a mom, a cloth’d table or a giant baby. Even as fairly “regular” size, finding anything that I would ever want to pay money for is difficult. (And, while I’m on it, fuck those designers who only make things up to a size “medium”!!!!!!) There’s a lady around here whose style puts everyone else in town to shame. I have no idea where she gets these totes fab, higher end of the plus spectrum dresses but she always looks like a very bangable art teacher. yesssssssssssssssssssss.

        I empathize with not wanting to be unduly labeled. I’d be pretty offended if someone labeled me as a “woman” blogger (or a “woman” anything, really) even if it is applicable and inoffensive.

  3. mich said

    looove this!

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