On Growing

June 1, 2011

I’ve been away from my new garden for a week. I hope that my roommates/family watered all these little guys, and gingerly sprinkled them with chili powder,

as I do, to keepthe insane suburban squirrels at bay. It was really hard to judiciously split up my  tiny garden box space. I went with sun gold tomatoes, a few beefsteak varieties, cukes (who when trellised use minimal space) , patty-pan and zucchini squash (who I think I can train over the side of the box to save space), fresh greens, and herbs and jalapenos in little terracotta pots along the outside.

Stay tuned for my blubberly, “I-was-in-Northern-California-for-a-week-and-i-ate-like-a-queen-and-i’m-renewed-and-incredibly-disappointed-to-be-back.” post!

For now, check out my baybays.




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