On Fab.

June 23, 2011

I have a life outside of food.

Well, sort of.

Outside of ogling recipes and charcuterie windows, I can be found browsing fashion blogs, vintage jewelry collections, eyewear, and under the sea plates (to eat food of of).  My love of design perusal, affordability, and Nora Wolf caused me to be incredibly excited when she announced the launch of Fab.com, a flash sales site focused on design.

You know what I love even more and well priced designer-direct goods and jazz?

Getting baller insider knowledge to share with y’all.

Nora let me know that Fab will be extending their incredibly well-trained gaze to snacks!

They already have awesome food-related sales going on.

For example these rad little mod honey pots from biodidactic.

Annnnnd these amazing Rehab from Sarah Cihat ceramics that are re-created from thrift store finds.


Co-Founder Bradford Shellhammer (best name ever?) writes,

“Design influences every part of our lives, even when purchasing food. As much as we get excited about the emerging design talent making tables and lighting in their studios, we also adore the independent movement of food makers. We’ve curated collections of boutique foods and drinks, from candies to sea salts, and we think that good taste is a perfect compliment to good design.”


Maple Bacon Espresso Toffee from Pure Goodies!

Breakfast toffee! I know that I am really tired of my breakfast not sticking in my molars. I can’t wait to get up on thissss. Plus, all their packaging is bio-degradable and produced with raw commodities procured ethically via fair-trade. Does that assuage your just-ate-breakfast candy guilt? Cause, it should.

Seriously, check Fab out.

And if you do, tell them I sent you by clicking here  so that I can get this ring.


One Response to “On Fab.”

  1. mich said

    Oz invited me to this site… I was seriously considering getting the protein cookies/brownies/blondies today. How cute are those honeypots!? Love ’em.

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