On Being Back (back) in a New York Groove

August 15, 2012

Last weekend was my second spent in the city all summer. This is probably not the most believable time to admit that i’m increasingly pleased to be back in New York. It’s just that it’s  been so hot, and the lure of the sea, and the lakes, and the waterfalls, and the sweating glasses of rose on patios have been forcing me onto buses and trains and behind the wheel every Friday evening. There are three whole other seasons for me to be lovingly all up in this town, significantly less sticky ones. But truly, most days, I feel really glad to be back. Here’s why:

1. Entertaining. I feel like I am the best version of myself when I am a hostess. I have my own space now, one big enough for plenty of good-looking people to come over and drink with me, and eat good snacks. A few weeks ago I did little Italian snacks – roasted cherry tomatoes, anchovy mousse, arugula pesto, olives, fresh ricotta with plums, black pepper and honey, some good cured pork, and bread. My favorite part was little cups of affogato (grown up root beer floats.) I have kind of shifted the way I entertain – from sit down food to snacks – in part because I don’t have enough seats, but in part because I am a grazer, and I like trying a little bit of everything.

2. Wandering.  I find myself taking a different way home from work almost every evening. I get on or off at a different bus or subway stop each time in an effort to figure out my neighborhood. I’ve found two good french bakeries, an incredible fish monger, countless buildings that I love, and a few fantastic second hand stores. Still on the list to find: perfect brunch, bar I can go to alone after work, perhaps with a book, and my favorite nook in Central Park.

3. Living alone. I’ve never lived alone. I’ve always lived with family, or roommates, or fellow farm-workers. I was nervous about living a lone – I like coming home to someone I like, and I like cooking for someone other than myself. But being on my own is great. I never have to wear pants. I can watch trashy TV sans-judgement. Eating intuitively – exactly what and when I want- is easier when i’m not considering the tastes/preferences of others. You get to know yourself differently when you spend your evenings alone, with some wine and a good meal. I’m looking forward to nesting here, and to making my apartment a better representation of me.

4. Being out. New Yorkers accept living in closets because they are never home. I am probably slightly more of a home-body than the average, but there is something to be said for the ability to be out at any time of day or night, and having the ability to be out somewhere that is awesome. You can choose a bar or restaurant for any mood, any size gathering, any type of food. Friday evening I had a magnificent lady-date with some really fantastic women in the garden at Maison Premiere in Williamsburg. It just couldn’t have been more perfect – elegant and private, teeming with greens and wrought iron tables. There were mint juleps in big silver tumblers overflowing with crushed ice,  oysters and lobster on three-tiered trays. We got a little rowdy – and likely ruined a few dates, but can you imagine a more perfect place for a gathering of ladies you love than this?


One Response to “On Being Back (back) in a New York Groove”

  1. Nora said

    I feel like you meant “gathering of ladies you love,” however I really like “fathering of ladies you love.”

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