On Camp Cooking.

October 5, 2012

Fall is setting in in these parts – marked by those amazing few farmer’s market weeks when there are tomatoes AND winter squash, the first night I eat only brussel sprouts for dinner, and my weakening resistance to tights.

Storm-Displaced Cookin’ Pit

I spent quite a few of this summer’s weekends dipping in streams and lakes, sleeping under the stars, and cooking for masses of happy campers. I love camp cooking. It takes planning (food for 30 people has to stay cold in a cooler for how long?) and improvisation (I don’t think we’ve ever remembered a strainer) and time (cooking over an open fire is delicate).  Everything tastes better when you’re camping (and drinking). I could have made a hundred boiled hot-dogs and I would still have been showered with praise and appreciation. We start prepping early and usually end up eating by propane lantern. I’ll miss the survival swims, day drinking, singe-ing of arm hairs over open fire, and spending real quality time with people I love. Peace out summer! Peace out camp cooking!

Lake George Dinner View

We dig down deep to the most primal, whitest versions of ourselves for camping, and take our gear seriously. (Geariously?) We had a camp OVEN for the first time this year. Not a stove, but an honest-to-God propane powered oven with a temperature control. I made Tank a 30th Birthday FunFetti Cake on a our campsite. Tank said that I helped him realize a long-held dream of coming up from the creek, the wooded air scented with cake-batter.

Funfetti/Tom Petty

Everywhere we camp has excellent proximity to local farm stands, so there is no shortage of good tomatoes, fresh corn, salad greens, and mixed berry pies.

Best corn ever.

Candle Light


One Response to “On Camp Cooking.”

  1. Tom said

    Why is that food always tastes better when you’re camping. Must be the fresh air.

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