On Preparedness (and a lack thereof).

February 14, 2013

Everything you ever read on the internets about starting a cleanse revolves around getting prepared, about easing into it, about getting your guts and mind ready to start this elimination endeavor.

You prepare your way, Gwyneth Paltrow, i’ll prepare my way, ok?

How did I prepare to take three weeks off from booze, coffee, meat, and dairy? I ate and drank all those things, in the best combinations ever, with the best possible company. My pre-cleanse weekend was pretty fantastic.

Let me elaborate:

I needed to up my resveratrol levels.

I needed to up my resveratrol levels.

Friday: As Nemo threatened to blizzard all over everything, I was able to scoot out of work early and somehow throw together a last-minute dinner party. My friend Kate, who is mentioned here probably too frequently, says that if “Speed-Entertaining” were an Olympic sport, i’d be GOLDEN. She and her beau, Kevin, who happens to be an incredibly generous wine representative, trudged through the snow with a few other friends to eat homemade chicken pot pie and imbibe on Kevin’s AMAZING leftover wine from tastings that day. We ate, and drank, and laughed, and watched all of these amazing videos of Nina Simone. My favorites were from the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival.

Saturday: There must be something to the theory that good wine does not give one a hangover, because after the serious wine-o session mentioned above, I managed to peel myself from bed, grab a latte, and get to Central Park before 10 am – before the throngs of sledders and their parents. I walked around for a few hours, in sheer wonder of how beautiful and quiet the few inches of snow had made everything. It was glorious. People were smiling at one another. I SAW NUNS SLEDDDDDDDING. The sky got big and blue, and the sun got warm.




Ok, Saturday was the only day I actually did anything to prepare for the week-ahead. I dropped a hundo at Fairway on fruits, veggies, bagged beans, whole grains, and pantry staples like olive oil, cider vinegar, etc. I also cleaned the shit out of my fridge! AND reorganized my spices, and finally put them in their proper homes – these adorable little glass containers that have been in my pantry for six months!


Sunday: I ate tacos for breakfast. Smoked meat tacos. Two kinds. I met an old (great) friend at Briskettown for brisket and pork belly tacos, and what felt like endless cups of Blue Bottle coffee in great enamel mugs. Good food, good chat. Then I drank a million big beers in a big sunny room, with a big group of good looking people I adore. I tasted all of their sausages.  Last hurrah, GO!


Incredibly Good-Looking Company.

So, now that i’m three days in, caffeine headache in FULL EFFECT, would I have done anything differently to prepare?

Yeah. Getting home Monday night at 7:30, HANGRY, to a refrigerator and pantry full of whole foods that needed real prep to get turned into dinner stressed me out a little bit. My go-to move would be to eat a half a baguette while dinner was cooking. This was not an option! I ate a few almonds, drank a big glass of water and went to town prepping not only dinner for that night, but staples for the rest of the week, as to not put myself in that hanger-pickle again.


Bean-Still My Heart!

I’m going to post some recipe highlights from Week 1 this weekend, but quickly, let me just say that this huge pot of black beans has been the tastiest, saviest experiment this week. Don’t tell anyone this, but I buy canned beans, usually. I know – dried are cheaper, and more delicious, but they take forever. I rarely plan that far in advance, but I thought this would be my chance to experiment.  SO I tried this no-soak recipe from The Kitchn. AMAZING. A bag of beans, covered with water, 1/2 an onion, some garlic, and some cumin cooked in a dutch oven for an hour and a half, and then BOOM- BEANS FOR DAYS. My whole house smelled amazing, might I add.

ALSO you can get nightly photos of my dinners over on my Instagram.

Or follow my tweets, which are the most positive after breakfast, and whiniest around 5 pm when the caffeine headaches are the worst!


One Response to “On Preparedness (and a lack thereof).”

  1. Kate said

    Big ups to your collard green enchiladas, MM! Duh-licious.

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