On a budget.

September 28, 2014


I am lucky enough to have a great, tiny farmer’s market 2 blocks from my new digs in a little park.  It’s quiet and full of good dogs. No one is reaching over you for squash. There are ice pops, and good meat, and flowers, and organic veggies. It’s on a Sunday, and it’s made my Lord’s days really awesome.

There’s something awesome about the potential energy of a big bag of produce. Like endless possibilities for the week ahead. I spend the rest of Sunday afternoon tidying the kitchen and cooking and prepping food for the week and listening to nineties hip hop. It’s a great ritual.

Except, sometimes, like with anything great, I have a tendency to over do it. And then i’ve spent $90 and I have a house full of wilting flowers and a bunch of squash shriveling up in the crisper that I didn’t quite get to.

So, i’ve challenged myself to spend $50 on Sunday and that’s it. No popping into the fancy bodega for a few ingredients I missed on Wednesday. Just me, my $50, and a pretty well stocked pantry. (Pantry includes: cooking oils, bulk grains and nuts, and a pretty well stocked spice rack.) I aim to have lunches and dinners all set for the week. Breakfast is usually a yogurt or some oatmeal at my desk.

Full disclosure: I am going on about 8 weeks of working with a nutritionist. I am (mostly) avoiding processed food, including processed wheat products. Also, not eating thing with >10 grams of sugar.

Here’s where my $50 went this week:


– a head of broccoli

– two orange peppers

– 3 onions

– 1 head of garlic

– 1 bunch of kale

– 2 little bunches of tatsoi

– 1 big zuchini

– 2 little sweet potatoes

-1 medium butternut squash

– 1 bunch of pink dahlias

– mixed salad greens

– brussels sprouts

– 5 apples

– 1/2 dozen eggs

– 3/4 pound of grass fed stew meat

– two tomatoes



– greek yogurt

– 3 cans of beans

– 2 big cans of fire roasted crushed tomatoes

– organic chicken thighs

– ground turkey

– 3 bottles of seltzer

– ice cream bars (fuck off, ok?)

– soy noodles

– 2 lemons

Geez. Typing that out and seeing it makes me realize that’s a ton of food, and I feel awesome about that.



– a big pot of chili with turkey, beans, and sweet potatoes

– braised beef with roasted butternut squash, kale

– roasted chicken thighs with tatsoi, fried brown rice

– shaved brussels sprouts salad with apple, lemon

– salads w/ hardboiled eggs, tomato, olives

– eggs with zucchini pancakes


2 Responses to “On a budget.”

  1. Liz Novak said

    deep envy of your sense of forethought. I am current forethinking of pizzas.

  2. Kate Sann said

    Viva Sunday kitchen puttering. Yesterday I pulled off a roasted chicken, chicken stock and a soup with sweet potatoes & beet greens. I’ve been hovering around $60/week on the grocery front.

    I love your post – but would you please quit it with those tofu ‘noodles’? They make me nervous.

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