I don’t know how professional cooks eat.

Seriously, aside from shoving a few eggplant donuts in my maw, and tasting a few things before they went out, I hardly ate this weekend as I prepped for our Supper Club.

There was a moment, a few hours before the event, that I called and begged Kate to bring us anything to eat that wasn’t what we were serving. The three of us then housed sesame bagels from Dunkin Donuts standing up because that’s what was closest. (I am actually remembering it tasting awesome, but i’m sure I would have eaten pretty much anything in that moment.)

This is about 1/8 of the chard I prepped.


You’d think after spending the entire weekend shopping, chopping, and cooking that I would want to not do any of those things for a while. BUT you would be wrong, because there must be something wrong with me. I found myself so, so HUNGRY and needing my own food. And to do that, i’d need to do the shopping/chopping/cooking.

The event was on Sunday, which threw off my farmer’s market/groceria game plan. I found myself getting out of my nutritionist’s appointment by 4pm, and got the green light to head home after work just after. I thought, “OH, I can go to Trader Joe’s before everyone gets out of work and everything will be quiet and beautiful.”

Obviously that was not the case. At any rate! I found that I had some goods like beans, eggs, and tomato sauce left from last week AND i’ll be out of town this weekend, so I felt like I was able to go for a couple more spendy items that will last a few weeks. I clocked in just under $50 for the following:

+ yellow miso

+ brussels sprouts

+ spaghetti squash

+ acorn squash

+ 2 sweet potatoes

+ crimini mushrooms

+ quinoa

+ canned pumpkin

+ bagged arugula

+ bagged kale

+ parmesan cheese

+ greek yogurt

+ organic ground beef

+ chicken sausage

+ canned tuna


+ bolognese with spaghetti squash

+ pumpkin quinoa cakes

+ mushroom parmesan quinoa cakes

+ roast veggies with miso dressing

+ brussels sprout hash with eggs and sausage

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